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HD 2018


During the journey through Armenia, Lyubov learned a lot about the rugs and carpet making technics as well as tradition and philosophy behind it. The connection between Nature and Architecture and their influence on the patterns of the rugs together with her carpet research find it’s the way in her video installation. 

Film-carpet produced with support



film-carpet by Lyubov Matyunina
cinematography - Konstantin Guz (
music - Evgeniy Brodskiy (
editing - Luybov Matyunina (
typeface design - Simon Sleegers
Special thanks to:

Megerian Carpet Armenia
Levon Tovmasyan
Gevorg Ghahramanyan
Sonia Bagdasarian
Vahan Stepanyan
Margarita Osipian
Simbat Xojoyan
Ani Haroutiunian
Coffeine Brew Lab
Rachel Pafe
and beautiful Armenia

Film-carpet prod

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