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Lyubov Matyunina, born June 1st, 1985
Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Neth


2010  - 2014 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academy
2006  “World politics” course, Gotland University, Sweden
2004  “Int
ernational politics” course, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) MFA Russia MGIMO
2002-2007 Master of Journalism, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Creative Director of Screens workshop (2021 - 2023)

Creative director of fashion brand LUBUDUBUM

Fouder of the initiative UKROP moving art platform (2008-2009)


2014 - TENT public choice award 2014, with the film "Who can be happy and free?"
2014  - Nominee in the category Fine Arts Gerrit Rietveld Academy Award 
2008 - First place in “Moving Baltic Sea festival” with group video “Try to be a God”

Solo exhibition


2019 - I am a tool of gentrification. West,  LAB111, LIMA, Amsterdam

2019 - I am a tool of gentrification. Noord,  PlanB,  Amsterdam

2017 - Carpetologia, W139 Polar room, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2011 - WTF? , Bloc23, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Group exhibitions 

2022  KUSNTRAI Amsterdam

2022  PostMetaNeo Mythology & Natural ink prinitng stories, W139, Amsterdam

2022 Het Nieuwe Instituut – Get Real!, Housing syndrome installation, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2021 Gallery Luda – Get Real!, Housing syndrome installation. Saint – Petersburg, Russia

2020    TMI : searching for truth in the post-truth era. Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, the Netherlands

2019    Act! “Dream is the personalized myth, the myth the depersonalized dream”

 Q18, Köln, Germany

2019     Social Capital. I am a tool of gentrification, TAAK & LIMA, Amsterdam

2018     Prospects & Concepts ART Rotterdam. present - Carpetologia. Film carpet.

               Van Nellefabriek, Rotterdam

2017     Duo exhibition by JLDianthus & Lyubov Matyunina - FAIRITALING at Neverneverland, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2017     Alternative Truth at Expoplu, Nijmegen, Netherlands
2017     Degrees of Freedom: human, Robot and The Medium of Automation 
at Designhuis, Eindhoven
2017     “Post Peace” at the Nest, den Haag, Netherlands
2017     “Post Peace” at Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany

2016     "Roundelay" screening at Cracking the Frames festival, Butcher Tears,                              Amsterdam
2016      "Reflections and Movements", K2 Contemporary Art Center Izmir, Turkey                        (March 18th – 31st)

2015      Monthly payment project. Apartment exhibition, Amsterdam 
2015      “Imaginary Friends”, Het Veem Theater Amsterdam
2015      Portrait of Inge Meijer. Prospects and Concepts. Mondriaan Fund.
                Art Rotterdam

2014      Selected. Gerrit Rietveld Award Show. Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam
2014      “Wish master carpet” installation, screening of the film

                “Who can be happy and free?” and performance – installation “Make peace                     carpet” at Komentatorki / Women Commentators, Warsaw

2013      Birch, 2013, Documentation of performance, 2 screen video installation, 
                3'38'' "No lands man" exhibition, Petersburg building, De Punt, Amsterdam
2013      Documentary “One Look” was presented at 5th Moscow Biennale of                                  Contemporary Art, “Playing Nature” CCA Sokol 
2013      "Window to the Europe" at the Hermitage Amsterdam

2012      Installation. Don't wake me up for the end of the world, 
                unless it has very good special effects. deSERVICEGARAGE. Amsterdam 
2012      "White cube" UKROP group performance at Kunstvlaai "IN exactly this". Sint                  Nicolaas Lyceum, Amsterdam
2012      "Static electricity" UKROP group exhibition. de Slang, Amsterdam 
2012      "Game" performance at Holland Festival "Dancing with the alphabet".                                Frascati, Amsterdam 
2012      "Control" at the "Mixtape" screening at OT301, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2012      Participation in the group exhibition at Open Atelier Jordaan, Amsterdam

2011       Storage Space Exhibition #4, Heesterveld, Amsterdam
2011       "Limitation within Opportunity", UKROP group exhibition № 3,                                                Hembrugstraat 11, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2011       “Identity”, Ukrop exhibition, Skalvija Cinema Center, Vilnius, Lithuania
2011       “Kombinacje”, Ukrop exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2009      “I am protesting”, installation "Zombing", Kaliningrad, Russia

Film screenings

"I am a tool of gentrification" (2018-2019)

2019 Wir arbeiten für Gentrifizierung ehrenamtlich, Werkhalle, Dortmund, Germany 

2019 CityLeaks Urban Art Festival in Cologne, Germany

2019  Empowerment Film Festival - De Stad In! Actie! Vondelbunker, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

2019 LAB111, LIMA, Amsterdam 

2019 Vorioscoop 2.3

2019 4bit gallery 

2019 Plan B Amsterdam

2018 AT5 - Rietveld TV

“Post Fairy tale” (2016)
2016 part of the LIMA collection

“Who can be happy and free?” (2014)
2017 West Wednesdays, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2016 Kassel DocFest
2016 32 Internationales Kurz Film Festival Hamburg
2016 KörberForum, Hamburg, Germany
2015 Message to Man, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2015 SCREENS #2 SSBA Salon, Amsterdam
2015 Galeri Nasional Indonesia – Jakarta
2015 31 International Short Film Festival Hamburg
2015 Medienhaus Hannover 
2015 European Media Art Festival Osnabruck
2015 International Film Festival Rotterdam
2014 Luksuz film festival, Krško, Slovenia
2014 KOROCHE film festival, Kaliningrad, Russia
2014 TENT Rotterdam

“One look” (2013)
2013 Special program of 5th Moscow Biennale
of Contemporary Art, “Playing Nature” CCA Sokol 
2013 Shortcutz Amsterdam. Canvas op 7e

“Hobson’s choice” (2012) 
2012 "Welcome back, Putin!" Festival activist art
in de Balie, Amsterdam, Netherlands


2021    Mondriaan Fond Werkbijdrage Bewezen Talent

2020    Mondriaan Fond Projectinvestering Kunstenaar en Bemiddelaar / “Tangled endless transitions”

2020    Wilhelmina E. Jansen Fonds supported Post Meta Neo Mythology

2020    BankGiroLoterij for Post Meta Neo Mythology

2020    AFK Cronalocket for Post Meta Neo Mythology

2019    Wilhelmina E.Jansen Fonds supported project "Portable homelands"

2018    Development Budget AFK
2018    Founds Kwadraat supported the production of the experimental documentary "I am a tool of gentrification. City Center"
2018    Dommering Foundation supported the production of the experimental documentary "I am a tool of gentrification. City Center"
2017    Wilhelmina E. Jansen Fonds supported post-production of “Carpetologia. Film-carpet”
2017    Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst grant for the Fairytaling duo show 

01/01/ 2017 - 31/12/2017 supported by Mondriaan Fond, Stipendium Emerging Artists. (Werkbijdrage Jong Talent)
2016    Wilhelmina E. Jansen Fonds supported post-production of “Post Fairy tale”


Facilitator & teacher

2019 - Carpetologia workshop. Ateliers'89, Aruba

2012 - till today - UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation

Guest Artist at One Minutes Jr workshop.
Countries visited, filmed and worked in between 2012 - 2023:
Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar, The Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo & etc.

2012 & 2014 & 2015 November – One Minutess Jr + IDFA master class, Amsterdam

Curatorial work


2012 "Static electricity" UKROP group exhibition. de Slang, Amsterdam 
2010 “Synthesis”, noise festival, at Ukrop art- territory Kaliningrad, Russia
2009 “Life” festival at Ukrop art- territory Kaliningrad, Russia
2009 Minimal art festival at Ukrop art- territory Kaliningrad, Russia
2009 “Amber Chamber” art & music festival, Ukrop art- territory Kaliningrad, Russia
2009 “World day of cotton wool”, CS Alternative, Kaliningrad, Russia
2009 “I am protesting”, CS Alternative, Kaliningrad, Russia


2022  Artwell, Amsterdam

2019   Studio Kura Japan
2019   Ateliers’89 Aruba

2018    Nida Art Colony/ work retreat 
2017-2018    Cassis Art Residency

Commissioned jobs 

2018 Into the Great Wide Open ART. Filming and editing.

2017 IFFR 2017 Impression. Filming and editing.

2016 "Practicing Procedures of Killing" by Basir Mahmood, editing two-channel video. Screened at Rijksacademie Open.
2016 Video documentation of the art installations and performances
during the Into The Great Wide Open festival. Editing.
2016 IFFR 2016 Impression. Filming and editing. Screened
at the EYE Museum 9 of April.

2015 Editing “Murmur” film by Gabriel Lester. Exhibited at de Appel arts center.
2015 Sound assistant during the filming of movie "Centaur".
Kyrgyzfilm & Volya films production. 
2015 Video documentation of Performance by
Driewleler Collectief. Filming and editing. 
2015 Ecological and environmental video “Forest restoration in Ghana”-  Editing/script developing; series of 3 min videos “Commons in India” - 
Editing/script developing for ecologist Patrick Augenstein
2015 Promotional video for You Enter application.

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