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Mystical dinner experience

15th of April 2023

We want to invite you to a mystical dinner experience, an evening filled with mythology and storytelling enjoyed by all your senses! The installation you will see, sounds you will hear, textures you will touch, and flavours you will taste are all part of the evening's story. A mythological story about a journey to hell and back, about darkness and light, dreams and reality, fears and illusions, the sun and the moon. This project is a collaboration between past and present, artists and chefs, ceramists and musicians, performers, and a costume designer. This experience of the senses stimulates deeper connections and insights.

During the evening, you will be invited to experience a new take on the myth about Persephone. You will travel through three different spaces with art installations and soundscapes guided by the performance of Lyubov Matyunina and live cooking by chefs duo Axe&Porridge: Veniamin Kazachenko and Sander Uitdehaag. 

You can expect a six-course menu paired with two glasses of wine and three homemade non-alcoholic beverages with distinct flavours, colours, and histories. We will conduct only three dinners for thirty people each! On  15th of April we will serve a vegetarian & meat lovers menu!

Through this mystical dinner, we mythologize our surroundings and today's world, using our imagination to create new meaning. 

Dinner 4_Instagram 4x5.jpg
Dinner 3_Instagram 4x5.jpg

Dot & salt produces unique art events that can only be seen and experienced once, as they differ each time. The platform facilitates a kind of immersive art that implies a broad range of art performances. Despite this wide spectrum of genres, the performances are united by the originality of their form, the makers, and the interactions with the public. 

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