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Video installation.
HD video, 13'51 ''

Video installation about the loss of support, about fragility of the concept of "home". The work is inspired by the phenomenon of “last tenant syndrome” - a term denoting a situation when a person, for various reasons, does not want to leave his house for resettlement, and remains to live there, sometimes the only one in the entrance or the whole block.
What drives this desire to stay? What are the goals of the last tenant? The project is an immersion into the inner world of the inhabitants of abandoned houses, their fears and secret desires, the fight against the bureaucratic machine, which is accompanied by persistent dizziness.
A vicious circle, where every character is both a victim and an executioner.
The characters' masks and costumes are an allegory of limitations, fears and traumas that everyone carries with them all the time, and which ultimately determine their way of acting and thinking. What happens to a person when the fundamental concept of "home" leaves underfoot? How can you exist in limbo?

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