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creative coaching & mentoring

My name is Lyubov Matyunina and I have a super power: to inspire people.

I went through a long journey: I started as a journalist and have been working at the radio station for 5 years; I was also publishing my own newspaper together with my girlfriends while casually working at a local TV station. I became an creative director and founder of the art space ‘Ukrop', in Kaliningrad, Russia. After a year of club experience I moved to the Netherlands, where I worked as an event manager, producer and even extended my capabilities to selling and advising at a sex-shop (this was my study time side job).

I came to the Netherlands in order to study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, prior to that I have graduated from the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, and as a child and teen I had Music and Theater eduction. With a such a rich arsenal I gave numerous educational workshops in the arts but also expanding to mindfulness, psychology, psychosomatics and reading metaphorical cards. I studied tantra and aromatherapy as new ways to explore oneself. Now I can say: I have reinvented myself in another country through art leading to freedom. I have built a community from scratch not being afraid to take any aspect of myself apart and joyfully bringing these part together anew. 

Nowadays, I found a way where my creative, educational and film production experience comes together with my ambition and practice as an creative coach and art mentor. During private session with me, I combine different schools as well as my experience, empathy and vitality with a main focus: re-creation. My consultations are inspired by mythology and metaphorical, archetypical and arcane journey. Beside private consultations I am providing educational creative workshops and team activities for burnout prevention & team building.

As an creative coaching client, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Find inspiration

  • Find out your true desires through a creative process

  • Walk the a journey of a hero based on individual matching archetype

  • Challenge limiting beliefs and finding new ways to let go and relax

  • Feel empowered, excited and satisfied


As an art mentoring client client, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Find own voice and better understanding of art practice

  • Create own portfolio

  • Increase the visibility of artwork

  • Discover new opportunities in funding

  • Have the choice to make art a career without financial compromise

  • Challenge limiting beliefs

  • Feel empowered and excited to pursue a career in art!


30 min consultation - 40 €

1 hour consultation - 80 €
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