Inspirational coaching & mentoring

My name is Lyubov Matyunina and I know my super power - to inspire people.


I went a long road from being a journalist, working at the radio station for 5 years, publishing my owns newspaper with my girlfriends and casually working at TV. I was an art director of an art space and founder director of the open art territory. Event manager, producer and even seller at sexshop.


I was studding at Gerrit Rietveld Academy and before that at Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Music school and Theater school. I did educational workshops about mindfulness, psychology, psychosomatics, metaphorical cards. I was study tantra and aromatherapy. I reinvented myself in another country, through art and freedom, built a community from scratch, took myself apart and put it back together. 

Eventually I found my “middle way” where I can be an artist and create my magic worlds, film and transformational art games, as well as I can be an inspirational coach and dive deep with people into the unconsciousness  to find selfhood and true desires. I combine the whole kaleidoscope of my knowledge, experience, empathy and vitality during my sessions. My main focus is creation and consultation inspired by mythology and metaphorical, archetypical and arcane journey.

My inspirational coaching session clients will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand your fear & problem

  • Find out your true desires and ways to relax, create, and get satisfaction

  • Discover your main archetype and come closer to your selfhood

  • Challenge limiting beliefs

  • Boost your creativity

  • Feel empowered and excited to pursue you dreams


My art mentoring session clients will have the opportunity to:

  • Find your voice and better understanding of your art practice

  • Make your portfolio work for you

  • Increase the visibility of their artwork

  • Discover new opportunities in funding

  • Have the choice to make art a career without financial compromise

  • Challenge limiting beliefs

  • Feel empowered and excited to pursue a career in art!


30 min consultation - 50 €

1 hour consultation - 100 €


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