Performance and installation

212 x 152 cm

carpet: mixed media, print on fabric, collage


The “Make Peace Carpet” (2014) was created as a reaction to and reflection upon the unfolding situation in Russia and Ukraine. The main part of the carpet depicts a “pinky promise”, a gesture we used in childhood after fights to renew friendship. The Main Stripe corner of the carpet is a collage pattern made out of images and text from newspapers I collected from the Russian and Ukraine artists participating in the show Komentatorki / Women Commentators, Warsaw (2014). The content of the newspapers represented the current Russian and Ukrainian propaganda.





212x152 cm

carpet: mixed media, print of fabric, collage



“Wishmaster Carpet” (2014) is a mirror of space, a symbolic introduction to the world’s hierarchical structure and rituals in which carpet functions as a representation of an ideal world, more specifically Ideal Russia. The Main Stripe corner of the carpet is a collage of online pictures of “Happy Russian People” formed into classical shapes. The central part consists of Golden fish and the Luke, magic creatures from Russian fairy tales, which if caught will grant three wishes.