Infinite transitions

Interactive, hybrid game installation. Will be presented as a result of the Artwell residency on 18 of June.


Interactive installation in the form of a game inspired by folklore, archetypes, mythology and symbols. The concept of the game is based on the often-occurring theme in folk tales of the hero's quest. This game has a metaphorical approach, the players roll a die and move across the playing field. Each cell is connected to an art work and has a message to the player. Lyubov aims to raise awareness and deeper look into things around us in a thought-provoking, playful and visually appealing way: an interactive multimedia installation, using a game strategy to narrate the story and have the viewer interact and activate.


Tilde Amsterdam.                                 *** ***** 

More than a two month has passed since Putin began war in Ukraine. Ukrainian civilians are dying every day. We've seen them die. For many Russians, these images are not just terrible documents of the war. They are also a reminder of the nature of Russian society. Often hidden behind the closed doors of private properties and disciplinary institutional violence. Violence in kindergartens, schools, orphanages, hospitals. Violence to defenseless, women and children.

Residents of a multinational territory, who are strongly disagree with actions of Russian authorities are leading partisan resistance to the war. People consistently fighting the regime over the years, are once again find themselves almost powerless against the backdrop of millions of Russians, affected by propaganda.

Under the conditions of military propaganda in Russia, there are fewer and fewer opportunities for cultural figures to freely speak and actively resist the war in their civic position.

*** *****  exhibition will feature monochrome graphic works by artists living on the territory of modern Russia in different regions of this geographical zone. They represent different peoples of once colonized to varying degrees lands. Their sometimes metaphorical, sometimes very literal images speak about resistance, struggle and pain in their lives. They say something that we feel needs to be communicated with the world, when in their own countries their voices are being silenced.

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KUNSTRAI Amsterdam

WOW Amsterdam, pavilion #50


Housing syndrome

Het Nieuw Instituut - Get Real 19.03.2022 - 24.04.2022

Gallery Luda, Saint-Petersburg 25.06.2021 - 01.08.2021

In the center of a new video installation by Lyuba Matyunina "Housing Syndron" commissioned by Tok Curators for "Be real!", 5th season of Critical Mass is the notion of "syndrome of the last resident". The work is based on the real case of a family that doesn't want to leave the apartment block that is due to be demolished as a part of a housing renovation program in the South West area of St Petersburg - one of the most rapidly developing areas of the city. Started before covid conditions and restrictions the project is a result of collaborative work with social and psychologist workers, local performers and other creatives. Please check out the teaser!

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Screens workshop

Happy to announce that I became Head of the Screens workshop!

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