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HD video, 17 min 04 sec

Lasagna of the history with the sparkles of Instagram culture and TV propaganda.
The experimental documentary film is based on a fairy tale written by E.T.A. Hoffmann in 1819, titled 'Little Zaches, Great Zinnober' . Critically asking the question of the function of social media in today’s reality and whether the positivism of the fairy tale is replaced with the shallowness of virtual social appearance. is there a place for a real fairy tale in our pragmatic, information savvy world?
The moral of Hoffmann’s fairy tale teaches us to become aware of mere appearances and always look for bottom-ground reasons and explanations.
There are two main elements in the “Post Fairy tale”: First an active construction of cinematic fairy tale and the second passive life observation in its natural course, a sort of surveillance and poetic capturing of reality
The adaptation of the fairy tale is staged in the native ground of both the artist and Hoffman – the city of Königsberg (Kingdom of Prussia), today the city of Kaliningrad (Russian Federation enclave on a Baltic sea). A voice over with the narration of the original text of Hoffmann in German together with its Russian translation, guides us through the film and its ruins, touching upon the question of authorship and translation both on the physical land and through its virtual history.


Director Lyubov Matyunina ( )
Director of Photography - Konstantin Guz (, Lyubov Matyunina
Based on - E.T.A. Hoffman 'Little Zaches, Great Zinnober' 1819
Music/Composer - Evgeny Brodsky (
Camera - Konstantin Guz, Lyubov Matyunina,Sergey Ziborov
Live sound recording - Gerben Kokmeijer (
Location Manager - Artem Kilkin 
Sound mixing - Nikos Kandarakis (
Edit - Lyubov Matyunina
Color correction - Konstantin Guz
Special effects - conversium ( ) 
Narrators - Erwin Ebenbauer, George Holodenko
Fairy - 
Magdalena Hahnkamper ( )
Lera Lykova
Zaches - Zinnober - 
Andre Chapatte ( )
Grigoriy Selsky ( ) 
Fürst - Denis Mashenskih
Andres - Alexander Dubrovsky
Pulcher - Ivan Parshikov
Balthasar - Sergey Malikov
Spirits: Ivan Parshikov, Lera Lykova, Elena Vertikova, Alena Yurchenko, Lydmila Sherbakova, Vlad Rafeev, Unna Glushakova, Vera Laponkina
Support: Elena Vertikova, Anna Karpenko, Alena Zakharevich, Elena Muhortova, Stas Tychinkin, Ilya Samoletov, Egor Lushev, Milan Anais, Senne Hartland, Sarah van Lamsweerde, Pavel Ryskin, Lera Samkova
Marina Matyunina, Alexander Guz

Film was funded through Voordekunst crowdfunding platform by these amazing people:
Sasha Ourikh, Andrey Alekhin, HJ Sandront, Bettina Weller, Donna Wolf, Eleni Tzialli, John Haltiwanger, Hein Wiedijk. Yulia Ratman, Evgeny Komeychuk, Katja Sokolova , Yulia Nikitina, Oleg Belolipetskiy, Jelena Popovic, Marina Matyunina, Cosima Montavoci, Ilona and Stepa Vladovsky, Dima Bezugly, Anna Buyvid, Tatiana Guz, Mishania Potapsky, Alena Zaboenkova, Elena Goray ,Vlad Rafeev, Andrey Giryavets, Igor Melnichenko, Maria Vink, Alexandra Karpilovsky, Evgeny Yuzhihin, Jan-Frans Knevel, Theus Zwakhals, Olga Ganzha, Harrie Hageman, Jan Jaap Kuiper, Lena Kostenko , Eduardo Benigno Lopez Cabello, Joshua Holla, Sonia Kazovsky, Gulia Crispiani, Bernotat, Rudi Bonfiglioli, Petro Okhotin , VSB fonds
You donations make post fairy come true!

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