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One hour consultation on any of the art related topics:

- analysis of your portfolio and artistic statement

- help in defining your artistic goals

- coordination and assistance in creating a portfolio

- how to manifest, how to find your voice and uniqueness

- advice on writing grants / art residency, where to look and what to write/ who can help

- free theme

Languages spoken: English, Russian.

Price - 50 euro per hour

Make an appointment via email - or

Please write in the topic of the letter "consultation" and send me your portfolio or link to your website, so I can prepare to our meeting.

Free 30 min consultation -

Now when the whole world is locked down at home, we all are united in our isolation.

It’s time given us to rethink the daily life and all the simple benefits it has, like coffee with friends,

hugs, kisses, meetings, picnic outside, attending art & design exhibitions, live music concerts, etc.

To make life more joyful during these self-isolated times, we decide to open a “stay home” gallery.


HOMESTER is a platform where one can see works of contemporary artists and musicians.


HOMESTER is an artist-run virtual platform that is used to (co-)create, exhibit, promote and reflect.

Send us the proposal to with:

link to your work, short description, short bio, and your photo 




18 of March - 11 of April 

Ateliers'89, Aruba 2019


“Carpetologia workshop” is an invitation to enter a space as a sacred system, constructed through various media and messages. Connections between nature, architecture, folk stories, myth, and legends of Aruba will result in mixed media carpets. Since Aruba has the mystical background and the art of storytelling there is quite visible, during the “Carpetologia workshop” participants with the guidance of Lyubov Matyunina will collect the stories/fairy tales of the land and visualize them into the carpets. 
Theme: Fairy tales/folk tales of Caribbean, myth, and fantasies.
Technique: Patchwork, embroidery, application, stamps/printing, linocut, painting, and photography.

Teacher: Lyubov Matyunina
Participants: Janine Flaneguin, Facundo Franken, Jeanne Ecury, Shjakayne Mathilda, Aissah van Eer, Cindy Tromp, Jhoselimar Geurero, Agnes Leslie, Romelinda Maldonado and Brenda Every.



Facilitator & teacher from 2012 until present: UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation (Sandberg Instituut)


organized workshops all over the globe to give youngsters between the ages of 12 - 21 a chance to create their own one-minute videos.
Countries visited, filmed and worked in between 2012 - 2021:
The Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Myanmar.

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