My name is Lyubov Matyunina and I am an artist and filmmaker based in Amsterdam. I work primarily with the medium of moving image. I earned my Master’s degree in Journalism and Bachelors degree in Fine Arts, which has greatly influenced my work: literature and current events form my starting point. In my artistic practice, I aim to push the boundaries of traditional documentary filmmaking and capture a sense of the absurd. I use journalistic methods combined with performance, art installations and textiles to create a multidisciplinary platform to explore my ideas. My practice has consistently dealt with themes of identity and motherland developed through an engagement with carpets and textiles, which has evolved from aesthetic to philosophical. Later works developed these themes through fairy tales as both a way to rethink supposedly inherent societal values and reflect on present crisis, especially transparency, virtual reality, social media and the Internet. How to rethink the contemporary? 
I weave stories.