My name is Lyubov Matyunina, I am a visual artist based in Amsterdam. As an artist I want my work to speak with people through the intuitive patterns of the soul. My desire is to share the magic of this world, with all the dramas and the joys that humans experience. In my practice I explore urgent themes of the contemporary, unpacking representations of myths from the past. I incorporate an anthropological approach in my artistic research.


With my work I create alternative realities and mythologies that touch upon the body of ‘reality’ but transform it by injecting it with fantasies, dreams, humor and a sense of the absurd. I juxtapose rituals, masks, costumes, textile and carpets, folk stories and religious traditions with virtual reality, the Internet and social media, as a means of understanding and rethinking the contemporary. 

My working process starts with the aim to create from a joyful state of mind, from experimentation and from being in the creative flow. This is what I want to share through my works.