My name is Lyubov Matyunina and I am an artist and filmmaker based in Amsterdam. I am interested in creating alternative realities and mythologies. Using the genre of documentary as a basis for my work in order to touch the body of ‘reality’, I complement and extend it with my fantasies and dreams. Inspired by ideas of anonymity and the potential unity between the non-human and human life, I have been creating masks and costumes which inhabit my work along with sound, voice, and dance, adding a layer of transformed reality and helping to imagine slips of the intangible between the plates of the familiar.

I see my mission as an artist as lighting up human hearts. I want my work to speak with the people through the intuitive patterns of the soul. My desire is to share the magic of this world with all the dramas and joys of being together, that’s why I love absurdity and humor.